And again fire…

We can’t even go one day away from this village. There is always something happening. This time the third ‘veld fire’ in a few months time and this time on our side of the village. Luckily for us the wind was in our favor towards the ocean but the fire fighters in this area are making overtime. You have to admire these guys; to put more or less their own life at risk; just to save farms and their crops plus all other properties. We came home late this afternoon and saw the smoke from a distance of 20 km. Most of the fire was at that time under control but I was able to make a few quick shots of the helicopter from our front door….


_DSC2801web _DSC2802web _DSC2803web

3 comments on “And again fire…

  1. Great shots!. Stay safe out there. We had a terrible fire season here in California. That was last July-Sept.


  2. de Wets Wild says:

    Such a contrast – such great beauty from such a terribly destructive force of nature.


  3. […] the fire last week our bird feeder went missing while the helicopters flew over. Just a […]


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