6 comments on “Home Sweet Home

    • Mostly it’s either an ‘informal’ small business or work. Most of the people are determined to get a decent income but that’s not easy with a stigma of ‘parias’ by both; society and government. Children are determined to learn if only they get a chance but for proper education the school fees are extremely high. It’s a vicious circle if it comes to the point … Sad, sad, sad…


  1. Great pictures. They show the spirit of the people. Remember when the police would come during the day to bull-dose the houses and the people would re-build them overnight, so they would bury their houses whilst they were at work. Thank God those days are gone. Tony


    • But, Tony, there is still some tension between the different cultures. Most people living in the ‘privileged’ part of the village have never been IN the location; some of them only picking up or dropping off staff at the entrance road. Etc. etc. One can’t change the world overnight; will take generations before things are a bit normalized … and than; what is ‘normal’? ;)


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