Graphics in Black & White and in F/C

I’m not a graphic designer neither do I have the ambition to become one. But I love graphics for it can add a dimension to a picture.


The first image (imaginary) is that of the small ‘location’ (also named ‘township’) “Die KOP” just outside our village. South Africa is a Black & White country with some grey areas in between. Die KOP consists of approximately 40 to 50 shacks and five different families live there peacefully together in good harmony. There is no decent sanitation within this location and water has to be collected a 100+ meters away at the pre-primary school (fully privately funded and exploited by NGO Food for Thought in co-junction with parents of the community). People live of occasional jobs and seasonable work and are happy with what they have although there is ambition to make more out of it.

The second imaginary is that of a self-portrait or self-reflection. There are always more sides to a story and the same applies for humans (who tell the stories). I’m not an exception and looking into the mirror every now and than is not a bad habit. And I like colors and nature. Graphics (in this case manipulated natural objects/photographs) in the background can emphasize the idea behind it. I must admit (again) that I’m not that good in it but at least trying hard….

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