Inside Outside

Every picture has a story. This one is not an exception. I named it ‘Inside Outside’, but that’s me. This is the last posting of this year. Having a break but I’ll be back in the early beginning of 2013. Wishing you all a great Christmas celebration and a prosperous 2013 and beyond!!!

Dear WordPress…

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Does anybody have a solution??? The support department of wordpress does not respond and their forums/support pages are not very helpful either in this regards…. This is the message I send to this morning and simular messages I’ve send during the past few weeks but without any reply…. Hi there, Before I want to …

The Moon

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Last week Friday as seen from our garden:

The Bull

With the pictures I took last week Friday, and published on this blog and the other, I did a little bit of photoshopping. I took for both pics my car, the road, the horizon and a bull as main elements. For the color imaginary I also borrowed a beach boy from Hermanus. It’s all about …

The lonely cyclist


Shot this cyclist just outside the gate of our house in Stanford, South Africa:


Last weekend I took some pictures of insects in our garden. With a Sigma 70-300 macro. And it was windy. A tripod would not work. Had to do it with both hands…

Early morning landscapes

Love to make pictures with sunset and sunrise. Last week Friday morning I went with the bearing in mind that everybody was still asleep. In the village yes but outside in the rural part of Stanford farmers and their workers begin their day as soon as the first light appear at the horizon. It was …

Chilling on a hot Summer evening

Metamorphoto of JZ from KZN. No offense Mr. President!  If we would have exposed the genitals of your ‘alter ego’  you would suffer an acute inferiority complex. But you may have respect for this champion bull for his offspring is numerous….  

Plant Lovers

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Colored Earth

There are, so it seems, quite a few places around the globe with a wide variety of colored soils. This village is one of those. You can do a lot with soil (except photographing it) but one of the things my wife Yvonne is presently undertaking and the beginning is very promising. She found a …