‘Black and Bleak’; a week after

I’m not an ambulance chaser and neither do I chase police cars and fire-brigades although I’m very much aware that this would enable me to make sensational disaster action pictures. I just waited this time for a week after a devastating fire destroyed 20,000 hectare natural fynbos between Hermanus and our village (Stanford) in the Western Cape, South Africa. This morning I drove to and from Hermanus and took some pictures.

It’s black and bleak.








  • Dawn

    The totality of the destruction is hard to imagine – yet some houses and stands of vegetation managed to survive. amazing.

    • Green Cathedral of South Africa

      The local fire-brigade (merely volunteers) did an awesome horrendous job several days and nights in a row. Local people were supplying them with food and drinks. These people are real heroes!!!

      • Laina

        Hi Yvonne, Just a correction. Horrendous means terrible. I am sure you mean they did a tremendous job – which means really great!

      • Green Cathedral of South Africa

        Thank you so much Laina. Slip of the pen (uh… keyboard). Change it right away!

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  • kiwiskan


  • newsferret

    Sad to see, but fortunately fynbos recovers fast.

  • philandre

    Glad you like “In search of unusual destinations”. And this post is very good, despite the terrible destruction it records. Good luck with everything in 2013: I can tell you’ll be taking some excellent photos. Phil.

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