Garden update pictured

As written a few months ago I like to picture plants and flowers in our little succulent garden. We are privileged to live in a climate (Stanford, South Africa) that allows a year-round floral display provided you have sourced the right vegetation. Succulent plants, cacti included, are not only water wise plants but also fascinating to look at; especially the details.

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  • Jose

    Goedemorgen en de allerbeste wensen voor een heel goed 2013!
    Love the photo’s and a big hug ! Martin en José

    • Green Cathedral of South Africa

      Keep on looking forward to the next picture(s)!!!
      When are you coming this way again?

      And yes: All the best-of-best wishes, etc.

      • Jose

        Hopefully in a couple of months, we can all go for a bike ride! In Stanford!
        Tried to find your email address, can’t find it. Have a good day! Martin en José

      • Green Cathedral of South Africa

        You can find it on some of the pictures in this blog or read the ‘about’page. Looking forward to catch up in a few months time!

  • hak670s

    Beautiful photos!

  • saltypalette

    Stunning photos, the colors and textures are so beautiful! Thanks for sharing 🙂

    • Green Cathedral of South Africa

      Thank you “Florida transplant” from West Virginia” for keeping track of me, “South African transplant” from “Holland”. Dutch always say it with flowers wherever they are!

      Greetings from a wonderful and inspiring Stanford in the Western Cape, South Africa,

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