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Portrait of a stunning couple:


  • The Earth Beneath My Feet

    Beautiful post – the pictures are lovely. How’s Stanford after the fires?

    • Green Cathedral of South Africa

      Stanford is still wonderful. Most of the fire was on the Hermanus side. See also previous posting. I’ve been walking through the ashes and that I fully realised the devastating nature of this fire. Fortunately fynbos biomes restore themselves within a few years after a fire. Last years fire (Stanford side) looks green again!

      • The Earth Beneath My Feet

        The last vfew fires in Silvermine were pretty devastating too, but the fynbos bounced back better than ever. The array of flowers this year (also thanks to some good rains) was amazing, so good does come from bad. I was saddened by the animals that died though – those like the tortoises that couldn’t run away.

      • Green Cathedral of South Africa

        Am just looking into your Namib adventure. It’s on our list for a long long time but we haven’t got to it yet. Which time of the year is best to travel there (we don’t like too much heat and preferable no showers) and are the roads to Etosha accessible for a Nissan Quasqai?? Love your photographs !!!

      • The Earth Beneath My Feet

        Thank you re the photographs. Namibia is a must-do destination but not in December if you can help it. Easy to be wise after the fact I know. The dry season is the best time to go – May to October, although I was also told March is good as it’s cooler. The road from Windhoek to Etosha is fine – tar practically all the way if you stick to the B1. Watch out for warthogs/bush pig and kudu on this road – they tend to dash across the road. The road from Walvis to Sossusvlei is appalling at the moment – the authorities aren’t grading the gravel. Apparently focussing on other regions just before election time. The trip down that road was awful but for the rest of our round trip we can’t really complain about the roads. Regards,

      • Green Cathedral of South Africa

        Thank you so much!!!

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