Looking after Life: A look at the local cemetery

There is a wide variety of cultures in South Africa and every culture has its own way of living with the ‘beloved ones’ who passed away.

Simplified; there are ‘rich’ and ‘poor’ people’s graves. ‘Poor’ does not always mean ‘poor at heart’ and the same applies the other way around for ‘rich’.

But who am I to judge?

I just visited the local cemeteries and took some pictures. Pictures speak for themselves. That’s all.


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  • derekevens

    I have often thought of doing this in our rural communities, well captured

    • Green Cathedral of South Africa

      You can still do it!!! Look forward to see your view. I still have plans to make pictures of 2 funerals. In the past I’ve been to a Dutch Reformed (“Whites only”), a coloured and a Xhosa funeral. If I would have pictured them at the time….

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