Going bananas

Picturing a banana or picturing a woman eating a banana can be very tricky. Some people do seemingly like to think that it always has a sexual meaning. When I pictured a 13 year old model from our village some time ago I asked her if she wanted something to eat; fruit for example. All fruits are okay she said as long as it’s not a banana. So I pictured her with a banana but she was unable to bring the banana near her nose (“that awful smell”) and that is how I photographed her mentioning, in all innocence, that she “does not like bananas”… I should not have done that …..

Every village, even ours, has its own gossiping women….. And as long as everybody realize it’s all gossip we can just laugh about it.

Want some?

You’re too late.

I just ate it.



Author: Herman van Bon Photography

" I like to explore the possibilities and limits of digital art, I just let it flow to see where it can go, sometimes the end result appears quickly, sometimes the creative process takes months and other times  the creation dies in its own beauty". 

5 thoughts on “Going bananas”

  1. Personally – I think that this was in extremely bad taste. For what it is worth Herman, my voice is not alone. You have ruffled a great many feathers in this village – both male and female. Absolutely unacceptable. It is another mistake to fob it off as gossip in a small village. This shows a lack of respect towards people who voice their concerns – mothers and fathers who feel very strongly about child abuse. I would tread very carefully if I were you.


    1. What is ‘absolute unacceptable’ Penny (with all respect), is gossip below the belt. I had to hear it from people in the street (several Mothers included!!!) who don’t like this kind of verbal backstabbing either. Nobody ever questioned me directly after the original publication but just spread a gossip-story. And indeed, people like to hear gossip, some even think it’s the truth…. And that is the danger about this kind of gossip. Especially when it’s about sensitive issues. It got even worse when men were approached to spread the story and worst of all the mother of the girl involved (but she knew better!). The latter was one drop too many … hence this posting. The association of a banana with something else was not made by me. Had somebody approached me directly after the original posting, voicing that it might cause misunderstandings, I would have re-edited it. But nobody did …

      Shame on people who made that particular association, based on a mindset which is not mine!
      So don’t blame me of ‘extremely bad taste’, ‘lack of respect’ and for ruffling ‘a great many feathers’, etc. etc..



  2. So, if I understand correctly, you have been approached and notified of the offending photo shoot from various people for what seems like a while, yet you chose not to take it down, but chose instead to launch a verbal attack on the community about verbal attacks from the community?

    A banana should never have entered a shot with a girl. Not 30cm away, not a meter away, nevermind towards her open mouth. It then begs the question of why a 13-year-old girl is your only model? Assuming you still have not removed the image, I have to wonder whether you are somehow enjoying the attention, especially after drawing further attention to it via this post. I agree with Penny – it is all in bad taste.


    1. Don’t think you have seen the posting. You can find it here: https://elementaryposters.com/2013/01/22/my-first-photo-model/ The picture (at end of posting) is absolutely not offending or challenging in whatever way.
      When I was first approached by a villager about the ‘issue’ we both had a laugh about it for the simple reason that the posting on its own was innocent.

      I just googled (images) and don’t be surprised about the numerous girls/women/children with bananas and many of those are by far not as innocent as the one in the link above. That is not an excuse at all and I do understand that parents want to protect their children.
      Now I am confronted with defamation of my name/reputation in a despicable manor and I do have the right to defend myself.
      ‘The verbal attack’ as you mention did NOT come from me!!! And it is NOT the community that attacks me; the original source can be found at a few individuals unfortunately.


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