Sunset just now


Just want to share my joy of the evening:

_DSC3551web_DSC3546web _DSC3549web _DSC3553web

  • kiwiskan

    Classic shots – but I think you got your feet in one of them lol 🙂

  • Jackie

    Gorgeous captures! Thanks for sharing! 😀

  • Mary Strong-Spaid

    The fading light of the sun with the strands of clouds….
    you live in a beautiful place.

  • tnuttallsmith

    Hey, great shots!! Especially the mountain sunset one, absolutely stunning 😀

    • Green Cathedral of South Africa

      Thank you very much for your compliment. The mountain sunset one is also my favorit!
      Warm greetings from a wonderful village in South Africa,

  • Steve Schwartzman

    In the first picture, I like the way the double row of tufted clouds parallels the jagged line formed by the top of the shadowed vegetation.

    • Green Cathedral of South Africa

      I love the sunsets and sunrises here. But you have to be there on the right spot and the right time.
      Thank you Steve for your remark!

      Warm (approx. 85 F) greetings from Stanford, South Africa


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