Street Photography 7: Doggy Walk

Living at the edge of the village has its advantages. Our street borders a stream (“Vlei” in Afrikaans) with an abundance of winged wildlife. Every morning I let the dog out and we are greeted by ducks, seagulls (the ocean is only a few kilometers in bird flight) and other birds I don’t know the name of. People jogging or on their way to work, etc. Rain or shine; it’s always wonderful and there are always ‘subjects’ to photograph. This serie of 10 begins with a duck in full flight and ends with our border along the wooden fence.


  • Naresh Ramadurai

    Good work. But dont you think its kind of over saturated. If that is what is the output that you were looking for, then its fine. Else i think this good picture can be worked a little better. No offence, I’m just telling you what I feel from this image. Cheers!!!

  • Green Cathedral of South Africa

    Thanks for your comment Naresh. Think that virtually all pictures can be worked out better (striving towards perfectionism) and maybe in a month time or so I will look with different eyes to this image. For now I keep it this way. The picture is part of a serie about life in the street we live in. Just tried to add a hint of ‘impressionism’ ….

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