Pillars of the Earth; dedicated to Maureen Sudlow

While taking pictures of these flower stalks of aloes I could not help reliving the book ‘Pillars of the Earth’ of Ken Follet. This post is dedicated to Maureen Sudlow from the Kaipara in New Zealand. She is the author of the children book Fearless Fred and blogs under the alias of Kiwiskan. Always nice …

The Lazy Bird Watcher

Shot them all from my chair on the verandah. Some even made it easy for me and moved on close range…

Lunch for the gardener…

Looking good this morning

A bit of the wildlife side

Beyond the G-string

Nightlife in the garden

Cool Sunset

First stars appearing.

Lazy dog day

For Rits, our dear lab, every day is nowadays a lazy day. According to human reckoning he’d be 84 yrs of age. And yes; the elderly deserve their rest.

A garden overcasted