Photographing jewelry (finalizing)

Recently I posted about my first trial to set up a brochure for Yvonne’s jewelry business. In the meantime I’ve been working on it on an almost daily basis and at the end this labor is bearing some fruit (she is giving her approving nods… 🙂 ).

Here two pictures to start with. This weekend I’ll make some more based on the same basic layout.

brochure-funeka1 brochure-earrings

  • Tilanie Meierhans

    Absolutely stunning – photography and the jewels well they are truly a work of art and love. Well done!!!

    • Green Cathedral of South Africa

      Thanks Tilanie,
      But I am not satisfied about the header yet and am busy with some improvements. My ‘client’ is very much in doubt. She now wants to see it in a less African feeling…. We’ll see but I hope to email you the final ones within a few days. Just waiting for the response of 2 fashion gurus from NYC …

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