Dedicated to Brigid Taylor Jackson

Regular readers of this blog know that I’m not in favor of all those blog awards although I see the value of it for some bloggers. Andrew Harvard, a great Chef from Durban, recently dedicated a blog post to me and honestly I think it’s a great idea. So from now on I will every now and than dedicate a post to a co-blogger.

This blog post is dedicated to Brigid Taylor Jackson from the Greater Cape Town area. She loves her plants and everything that goes with this passion. And she loves bees… !!! And we know that Brigid adores this flowering cactus:


  • Brigid Jackson

    thank you for the dedication Herman Yvonne… you are so right I love this plant 🙂 Happy weekend !!

  • Brigid Jackson

    Reblogged this on aristonorganic and commented:
    a blog post dedicated to me!! Wow I love the plant too! Thank you Elementary posters! 😀

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