Beauty ‘Made in Stanford’ 2

This morning I added some enhancements to one of the pictures I made last Saturday. See also this recent posting. Any suggestions?

Model: Natasha van der Merwe

Styling: Hair by Belinda

Accessories: Dhunga

Photography and photo processing: GreenC Productions



  • janxxgeist

    It’s a nice shot and processing. The only problem I have (also with pictures in the former posting) is what do you want to show? The nice model, the beautiful hair or the interesting accessories?

    • Green Cathedral of South Africa

      I wanted to show it all Janxxgeist. As a photographer you can hire expensive blahblahblah photo models via an agency but I prefer local sourcing. I want a model to be her/his natural self and not ‘made natural’. In our village we are also blessed with an incredible good hairdresser and I’m glad that you also noticed the jewelry (also ‘Made in Stanford’). The photo is part of a brochure with more local models and designated for the overseas market (next month there is a presentation of the jewelry in Rio de Janeiro, Brasil) and the brochure clearly states (and describes) that it’s all about the accessories. That’s the reason that the pictures on their own don’t emphasize where it’s all about. Thank you very much for your reply. It’s very much appreciated! 🙂

  • Photography Journal Blog

    I’ve looked at this and the related photo you have in a link and my personal preference is for the first. I guess I like that there is more detail in her skin in the first.

    • Green Cathedral of South Africa

      Thank you very much for your input. The only thing I did was adding color to the eyes plus mouth and replacing the accessories with the original color ones. Did no work on the skin. Wonder about this effect of the added colors… 🙂

  • andrea

    Keep nice picture of a young woman in black and white.Kindest regards Andrea

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