Landscapes in the Overberg 4

Farmers are the large scale landscapers on a global scale. Here in the Overberg region of the Western Cape, more specific in and around our village Stanford, it’s not different to the rest of the world. Every human intervention in nature leaves traces and around here I enjoy the photogenic gems on my way to nowhere; just touring around to shoot. All pictures in this serie of 13 are shot on the morning of Monday 15 july. All pictures are made along the road between Stanford and the borderline with Caledon. I hope you enjoy these daily postings as much as I loves shooting them.

Today; A farm community


  • lampumerah

    beautiful… I love how the light reveals the green color in to the line… I love how the houses / village become one treasure to find in the morning… beautiful

    • Green Cathedral of South Africa

      🙂 Such a pity that so many people race through a stunning landscape without noticing the true beauty of it… Showed this picture to somebody who passes this road daily but he could not recognize this view….

      • lampumerah

        agree….. a view like this is so rare in place I live… Jakarta, indonesia…. it is a city…
        but I love green and landscape a lot.. ^_^d

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