The inside story of a Freesia in Black and White

Could not resist. Wrote yesterday that I’ll be back on this blog next Friday. Well … love this photo soooooo much …. etc., etc., And now I’m out!!! 😉

Like a woman ….

…… Soft on the outside but watch out for the spines in between …. 😉 (Alluaudia procera. Origin: Madagascar) What I in fact want to tell is that I’m out of this blog … for one week … but be back Friday 4 October (that’s ‘Animal Day’ according to the Roman Catholic church which also …

Abstract 30

A kind of ‘Fata Morgana’. Imagine looking to those beads for hours and your throat is drying out … 😉

Smokey Mountain

And now all together


Le Labyrinth Imaginaire

“With a labyrinth, you make a choice to go in – and once you’ve chosen, around and around you go. But you always find your way to the center.” – Jeff Bridges

Abstract 29

Todays dripper

We all do ….

See Me

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