The Lost People

If people (especially the ones from outside the African Continent) are talking about South Africa the conversation is ‘Black’ and ‘White’. But what about the in-between South Africans? These are, with one foot in ancient tradition and the other in contemporary (white) society; the ‘Lost People’.

The ‘Coloreds’ have their own world embedded between vague tradition and misty modern world. Distrusted by both ‘Black’ and ‘White’ they have to find their own way in a ‘dark forest’.

It’s a dangerous world out there or is it here?


Author: Herman van Bon Photography

" I like to explore the possibilities and limits of digital art, I just let it flow to see where it can go, sometimes the end result appears quickly, sometimes the creative process takes months and other times  the creation dies in its own beauty". 

6 thoughts on “The Lost People”

  1. The real solution of this problem would be to totally abandon the concept of race. It is an artificial construction. The category of “coloreds” was invented by racists, as were the categories of “whites” and “blacks”. I am always astonished that many “blacks” and “coloreds” self-define in these terms, terms defined by racists to divide them and to put them at a disadvantage. I see here two nested levels of as-if-constructions. The outer one is the concept that there are races, that it is meaningful to distinguish people by superficial features like skin color. Inside that as-if-construction are several systems of how in detail people should be grouped into “races” and what kind of hirarchy exists between these “races”. It is not enough to say they are all equal. If they are equal, then why distinguish between them. I have stoped to use the terms “black”, “white”, “colored”, “mixed”, etc. These terms are not only useless, they are inherently wicked. People should stop thinking in such terms and stop self-defining as well as defining others in terms of such concepts. There is hardly an idea that has been as destructive during the history of mankind as the idea of dividing people into races. This idea has destroyed the lifes of tens, or probably hundreds of millions of people over the last centuries and is still causing incredible suffering.
    A very nice picture, by the way 🙂


    1. Totally agree Nannus but for the caption I had to define and did it the ‘conservative way’ instead of the ‘trendy’ “Afro Africans”, “Euro-Africans”, etc. I must also say that it is virtually impossible not to define. Everyone belongs to a certain culture and here in South Africa there are multitudes of cultures related to tribes, clans and sometimes even families next to ‘imported’ cultures from different countries/region from around the globe. I don’t like the idea to define cultures based on race either but for a wider public it’s unavoidable. In South Africa there are 11 (official) native languages; each related to a culture. Most ‘colored’ of ‘mixed’ people in the Western Cape have also roots in the Khoi- and San cultures and these languages are fully extinguished thanks to the influence of colonists…


  2. A stunning picture. Great composition and layer upon layer of perception and meaning. I love it! Irrespective of the ideal situation in which racial derivation is irrelevant, it is a fact that different people, cultures, and races define themselves by comparison with others around them. It will be a wonderful world when these divisions no longer exist, meanwhile it is important to be honest enough to recognise the present situation, and work from within to resolve them in whatever way one can, be it ever so small. Thankyou for this picture with it’s own insight and step in that direction. Tony


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