From the front door again

I don’t have to go far the picture sunsets. Most evenings I just stand in the front door ….

Wood (fusion)

Wood has many colors; virtually none of these visible with the bare eye. If you see this you might start to believe in faerie tales …. (soon I’ll publish some pictures of elves in my neck of the woods…

Moonlapse 2


The Queen is always beautiful

(Agave victoria regineae)

Play Day 7

Tuesday 12 November goes into history as ‘My Play Day’. I’m still exploring different techniques in photo processing. I know what I want and also know it’s a long road of achievement. I can see my own style in the distance but still have to hone (refine) my skills. During this historical day I’ve been …


Our House …

… is a very, very fine House .. (Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young)

Purple with a heart of gold



My first HDR/tonemapping trial with Photomatix. Nice addition to Photoshop