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Last night’s Sunset in the Garden

8 Objects 1

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  by Herman van Bon Photography


My Night-Watch

Sans Selle

The lazy tourist destination

Ideal destination for travellers/tourists who want to watch whales and enjoy fynbos but don’t like to be too active: in the court yard of the Ice Parlour Don Gelato in Stanford there is this mural ……. (also for lazy bird watchers). The ice cream (locally sourced natural ingredients) is delicious! And so are the Italian …

And it’s not full Moon yet ….

After the bird attack ….

….. the butterfly needed to rest for a while… (opalotype)

Made in South Africa

A combination of natural bonded South African soil and South African Sterling Silver; very time consuming to create but each piece of this kind of jewellery art is unique and is complemented with a certificate with the name of the owner as model-name. People from outside South Africa love it. Unfortunately many South Africans, so …