Waves 1

There are many waves. To mention a few: sea waves, peoples waves, dictator waves and stadium waves. This series of abstracts is about the variety of waves of the Klein Rivier (Little River) which flows gently along our village and the pictures are shot from The River Rat.


Author: Herman van Bon Photography

" I like to explore the possibilities and limits of digital art, I just let it flow to see where it can go, sometimes the end result appears quickly, sometimes the creative process takes months and other times  the creation dies in its own beauty". 

4 thoughts on “Waves 1”

    1. Thank you Anna. Daily a wave picture up to this Saturday. Each scheduled for around 12 – 12:30 PM (South African Time) and they all are different which you wouldn’t say knowing that they are shot within 5 minutes time gliding through 2 bends in the river…. 😉



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