The Red Hot Poker

(Knipholia specie)

On top of the mountain


Night Watch in the Village

Late¬†night when I was shooting these images I saw only one moving target (a police vehicle) hence the title of this gallery. All pictures processed in DxO Optics Pro 9  

At last …

… Conyphytum time of the year.


Sea Mist Nature Valley 2

An HDR-experiment

This morning I read an interesting discussion about HDR-processing on the blog of Leanne Cole. You might read it as well first (link opens in new window). In the past I experimented with HDR and as many I overdid it every now and than. Nowadays I try to avoid HDR as much as possible but …

Partly overlapped

Another Sundowner

Maybe our village should be the Sundowner Capital of the Western Cape. Virtually every night a feast for the eye. First image facing South-West (20-30 degrees angle with sun and camera in 45 degrees angle with clouds for catching optimal¬†details) and the second picture facing North.  

Sea Mist Nature Valley 1

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