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In response to those who think (and recently expressed via diverse Social meda as some local wannabees did) that Photoshop (and other photo-processing software) is no better than ‘violating reality’. In that case, I should have ‘violating the reality’ more throughout my life. 
Come to think of it, black and white is also manipulating… the world is colourful; seeing it B&W is cheating, right? Right? And what about changing the lens; exchange the standard 50mm with a wide-angle or telelens?
Digital photo-processing is the new age, dark room. Should we also say that artists who paint should use ground up dried out berries and leafs, like the San people in Southern Africa used to. NO! Digital photography and digital photo-processing are my tools for creating; shaping my ideas, my heart and soul, my vision and my passion…. (text inspired by and thanks to Jim McIntyre).

  • Nature on the Edge

    “Violating” is a strong word!! Manipulation of images goes back a long way….. those darkroom processes were just as ‘artistic’. …

    • Green Cathedral of South Africa

      “Violating” is indeed a strong word but quoted from one of the ‘local wannabees’. Earlier this week I posted the same text on my personal FB-page and received over 40 comments including some good and constructive feedback about my own photography. At the moment you shoot a picture with whatever camera (including a Quaker pinhole) reality is “violated”. But it seems a bit difficult to explain that to certain people …. 😀

  • kiwiskan

    It’s not violating reality – it’s art

  • Michael56j

    Well said, Herman. I totally agree. My finances don’t run to Photoshop, but I am just as grateful for any manipulation software. I suppose the purists would even say that straightening the horizon is a violation? Yes. Well. Let’s be realistic.

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