Optical Illusions 17: Stairs

Candid Portraits 59: Doggy training

One morning on my way to Cape Town…

… I was driving on top of the clouds … (Between Stanford and Caledon)

Pretty sure they were all there

Hadeda Day at the Neighbours

Light Pole

Another picture of my favourite Stenocereus Beneckii

View from the ‘Stoep’

(see previous posting a few minutes ago for the meaning of Stoep)

‘Foggy’ Adeniums on the ‘Stoep’

(‘Stoep’ = Afrikaans for ‘Verandah’. It originates from the Dutch ‘Stoep’ but the Dutch ‘Stoep’ is not a verandah; in fact it’s just a small step-up in front of a (front-)door sometimes covered by a mat to wipe your feet off… This Dutchman in South Africa has a south African ‘Stoep’ including ‘Braai’ – ‘Braai’ …

Optical Illusions 16: The Wall and the Display