6 Years growth and no hair wash

Met this woman last Saturday on the market in Hermanus. No problem in portraying her. While I was busy picturing the hair she told me that it was the result of 6 years unlimited growth and no hair wash. According to her after two months without hair hygiene a natural/biological balance will start to develop …

  • gateaucouture

    Oh this is gross!

  • LFFL

    How interesting.

  • AdΓ¨le d'Alleray

    Yep, she’s right! Wonderful photos, Herman!

    • Green Cathedral of South Africa

      And AdΓ¨le … how long ago since you washed your hair …
      BTW my hair dresser who I consulted said that she experienced one case of a person who did not wash her hair for a year or so. The day after the first-hair-wash-since-a-year the saloon was still smelly she said… πŸ˜‰
      I must add however, to avoid misunderstandings, that this pictured woman looked very clean and did not smell at all..

  • Bob

    To each their own. I do prefer a shower & a good ole hair wash. There are lots of micro creepy crawlers out there. Especially if you are out in the yard and in the bushes. Spiders and snakes could be in there? Interesting post.

  • kenneth mcmillan

    Interesting photos Herman. Apparently what is very important when not washing your hair is to comb your hair thoroughly with a fine toothed comb twice daily running the comb from your scalp and right through your hair. This removes and distributes the oils that form on the scalp. Supposedly this will control any odour problem. I must say that the woman photographed would have a difficult time with the combing process.

    • Green Cathedral of South Africa

      πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ To avoid misunderstandings. Despite all kinds of question marks re the hair dress … this woman was very clean and did not smell …

  • inesephoto

    I know a man with dreads, he is working in clean room environment, just wears a double hat:) Clean as anyone. There must be some way to handle this do.

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