In the meantime …

I have changed the blog theme. The new theme -Forever- has a more refreshing look and is one of the themes that allows a slide show. See the right column of my blog. Still have to work on the colours (background, etc.) but that will come in due time.

In the meantime also I got annual contracts for social media presentation of a few clients. Have a look at the stunning  jewellery blog of Yvonne de Wit  (unique pieces of ‘down-to-earth art’) and the one of ‘the most unusual and quirky bookshop of South Africa’; Hemingways of Hermanus Both have links to their Facebook pages and use the same theme (with slide shows).

Author: Herman van Bon Photography

" I like to explore the possibilities and limits of digital art, I just let it flow to see where it can go, sometimes the end result appears quickly, sometimes the creative process takes months and other times  the creation dies in its own beauty". 

6 thoughts on “In the meantime …”

  1. Really lovely and indeed very refreshing, clean look! Looking forward to see all your slide shows and all your beautiful photography in this new environment! Congrats on acquiring new clients, love the jewelery, is beautiful and very organic! Books are my favorite, love, love reading especially old classics ( Hugo, Balzac, Dickens, Tolstoy, Zola…) and sci-fi ( Asimov, C. Clarke, Frank Herbert, H.G Wells…) love spending time in bookstores and libraries, funny but I like the smell of books. Anyhow, I got carried away a bit… love your header, it looks like that resident bird of yours hanging around your property you talked about, beautiful shot! Once again congrats to you!

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    1. Thank you very much for the extensive comment on this blog post and the notes/comments you made on every single picture. You are very welcome to follow these two blogs. Both are just starting up and both businesses operate in a global niche market.

      Herman 😉


  2. Congratulations!
    By the way, I tried clicking the links but the jewellery one came up with a phishing warning (and I’m a cautious internet user!) and the bookshop one was invalid. Thought you might like to know.


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