Weekly Photo Challenge: Angular

The word ‘angular’ seems to associate people/bloggers.photographer/etc. with some kind of mathematics in which angles (‘disambiguation’) plays an important role in the picture.

But there is also a JAVA-script named ‘Angular’; there is angular displacement, angular velocity, angular frequency, angular momentum, angular acceleration, etc.

These ‘angulars’ all have ‘movement’ and ‘dynamics’ in common (BTW; there are also quite a few ‘angulars’ in anatomy but, laid-back as I am today, I leave these to the anatomists)

Here is my interpretation of this week’s Photo Challenge:

Have a good look … (it’s a bit of a refined optical thing). There are no angles, or are there?


  • didonablog

    Help ! I agree that angular creates movement and dynamism ..but your image has a lot of curves .. Am I missing something ? Should I be looking at something optically sublte?

    • Herman van Bon Photography

      The reality is that the mask (with curves) is hanging on a flat wall but there is a subtle optical angle if you look well. As mentioned the meaning of ‘angular’ has many interpretations … πŸ˜‰


  • sustainabilitea

    There are also angles in the headdress as well as the angle from which you shot the photo. Nicely done, Herman.


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