Before take-off

Yesterday was very rewarding

(This week’s Photo Challenge Reward) Tip for people who like my pictures: you might like follow the mentioned/linked WordPress blogs as well ūüėČ Last month I was ‘awarded’ ¬†two social media accounts (annual contracts) of restaurants in the¬†village. ¬†This local acknowledgement felt for me as a reward. The profile picture of YUM Eat Cafe¬†with owners …

Wrapping it up

Look Out spot

Wall Flower

All that Jazz 2

See posting yesterday morning. A few more:

Drinking as the Gods

Within some¬†months a Meadery will open its doors in our village¬†Stanford, South Africa. That’s where one can drink the Drink of the Gods. Mead is known from ancient mythology but also authors as J.R.R. Tolkien describe the use of this millenniums old ‘beverage’. Nigel Borrington is an Irish photographer who like to add Irish poems …

Eye for an Eye

One for Laura Macky. Made in the wild somewhere in the Eastern Cape, South Africa last year. It’s BTW a Cheetah; not a leopard as mentioned in a comment in another posting. Shot with 70mm lens. Could approach up to around 2 meters. When I wanted to get closer the guy became a bit nervous. …

1+1+1 = 3 …

… pictures. My Rule of Thirds at this moment. All three photographs shot earlier today at the new YUM Eat Cafe in our village.

Take-off 1