See me, Feel me, Touch me

(sculpture by South African artist Shany van den Berg)


  • SueBee and Kat

    Texture and colors are wonderful, and I love the man’s expression!

  • Noeline Smith

    I can’t quite see – is that a form of basket weave? People’s creativity never fails to surprise me – and long may that continue!

    • Herman van Bon Photography

      Apologies Noeline for the late reply: It’s originally woven textiles on an steel-wire frame. Next a mould was made and the sculpture was cast in bronze.

      Herman 😉

      • Noeline Smith

        Clever! Maybe obvious to some but a great idea 🙂

      • Herman van Bon Photography

        There are those clever people in South Africa Noeline …. 😀 😀 😀

        Herman 😉


    No thank you, see, feel, and touch,; your brain desease, the texturized middle brain thinker brilliant!

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