Experiment: Reduction B&W with toning and texturising 4 (two pictures)

The previous 3 postings showed some archive pictures I’ve been experimenting with. I’ve used all my software to achieve the results. But only two results I’m content about.

The first is ‘In pursuit of the future’. I wanted to draw in viewer into the truck and at the same time the viewer wants move away as fast as possible from the Bedford into what times might bring us.

The second picture is ‘The Horsemen’. People of the IsiXhosa’ tribe in South Africa are the best caretakers for horses. Every respectable horse stud owner employs IsiXhosa to look after the animals. The original picture (a sculpture) was shot in the Company Gardens in Cape Town. Although South Africa is nowadays known as the ‘Rainbow Nation’ it’s still a ‘black-and-white-thing’ so I left the colours out.

Bot pictures are for sale as prints at Saatchi Art.

In Pursuit

In Pursuit


The Horsemen


  • Otto von Münchow

    Both images are fascinating. I particularly like The Horseman. There is something very special about the feeling it creates combined with the strong graphics and the content. Very nice Herman.

    • Herman van Bon Photography

      Thank you Otto!!! Both are my favourites of this series. As for myself: difficult to make a choice between the two for each represents a different feeling. See also the latest post with a YouTube of all 15 images.

      Herman 😉

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