This tree sees

Cross Perspective


Droplets 2

Focus on one droplet in a cactus

Angles 3: Portraits

A frontal picture of a face can be a great image but picturing with an angle adds some perspective and depth. And sometimes I also play with colours and textures …

Angles 2: Kitchen Towel Roll

I love angles. Here some of a kitchen towel roll on a table. However I prefer this one and that. There is also this eccentric one or look at the snake interpretation of the ‘rusty rambler’. Just to mention a few. Until so far 248 submissions to this challenge. This is 249..  

Droplets 1

Yellow aloe flowers in a blue sky plus bokeh as ‘added value’

Puzzle Picture 7

Stairway up the roots of a giant tree


One of those Weekly Photo Challenges I like angling ( 😉 ) “Change of angle can change the way you look at things” – Herman van Bon (that’s me <3 )

Puzzle Picture 6

And that is where he ended (see previous posting)

Puzzle Picture 5

(The man who parachuted himself into an ancient tree)