The Great Disappearing Act

‘Creepy’ has many meanings but in the context of this Weekly Photo Challenge I had the sudden association with people who walk away in the middle of a conversation. Yes there are people like that. And, strange enough, not always because of the subject does not interest them; sometimes they come back on that during another conversation. But whatever the reason I always find it discomforting and impolite. Am I sounding like an ‘old fart’ now?

For this weekly challenge I sourced an imaginary from my archives. I gave it the title ‘The Great Disappearing Act’.


  • Herman van Bon Photography

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    Via this medium something about being social or not … 😉

  • spiritofdragonflies

    Nope – don’t think you are an old fart – they are just impolite. Should at least excuse themselves from the conversation. Love your creepy photo

  • sustainabilitea

    What I find discomforting and impolite, not to mention downright rude, are people who sit with others while mostly paying attention to their cell phones or laptops. Either be “all there” when spending personal time with others or don’t both. 🙂 Guess that makes me an old fart, too, and proud of it!


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