Home Sweet Home

My Happy Place.

My roots are in The Netherlands in the land between the rivers (Land van Maas en Waal). It’s where I grew up. I still maintain contacts with some folks over there; merely via Facebook and emails.

I’ve travelled around the world but only since the past 4 years I live in a village that I can call my home, my ‘happy place’.

It’s Stanford in the Western Cape, South Africa. We (me and my wife) live at the edge of the village. See that yellow house? That’s our ‘Happy Place’; and what a view we have!



  • lauramacky

    What a charming area!

  • sustainabilitea

    You do indeed have a wonderful view.


  • anisioluiz2008

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  • Noortje Russel

    Lucky you!!! 🙂

  • spiritofdragonflies

    Looks like you have a beautiful view. Very nice happy place!


    😀The happy face! The mountains, There are many happy mountian’s, a photographer’s paradise. I like your home, today the one you were born in.

    • Herman van Bon Photography

      You won’t believe but do: I was born in a convent …. 😉 (very true) but the building does not exist anymore otherwise I would have asked a friend on the spot to picture it!!! 😉

      • Grandparent now

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        It doesn’t mean at time some may not try, because nothing is perfect, but live complicated, we want an easy answer, so modern man, give homage to the person who has the power to destroy, to mame, to hurt, our brains can be any thing, but they can not be love and warmth. Which is the human natural born.
        The news only 1 percent of the world, I guess we have to stop so much attention to one percent that is hurting the smallest child in our world, with out regret.


    my thoughts about my husband today, no longer in form if he passes through, follow Coltrane’s love supreme, amelioration of society would be, could be supreme.

    The hands of time are the only sign that between life and death all things are on not on a heir achy of dimension, the are an extension in time and space, constructed naturally. But, not perfectly and way to complex to measure. Just free floating thought.

  • neilirving

    Looks like a lovely place, love the mountains

  • Adrian Lewis

    Good to know you have a Happy Place – one of the great things in Life! Adrian 🙂

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