Anno April 2001 …

and Rits (with 2 beauty spots) is still doing his morning exercises …

  • marksshoesbyevamarks

    Beautiful, lovely, gentle seasoned face!

  • Noortje Russel

    How old is Rits with his touching grey nose, sweet look in his eyes and the special beauty spots 🙂 ?

    • Herman van Bon Photography

      Since the pre-computer/calculator era I calculate out of my head. Nowadays it’s different. Ok there we go Noortje: It’s now December 2015. As the title says: Rits is ‘anno april 2001’. That’s 14 years. April is the fourth month and December the 12th month; a difference (you can see it on the spreadsheet) of 8 months. Totals 14 years and 8 months. Unfortunately it’s unknown which exact day in April 2001 Rits was born otherwise we could also calculate the number of weeks and days. Not too shabby for a 64 yr old guy I hope? 😀 😀 😀

      Herman <3

  • Noortje Russel

    Hahaha, I enjoyed this 😀 not too shabby at all!!
    Stupid I did not see the title at all… I had only eyes for sweet Rits, still going strong at this respectable age!!

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