7 thoughts on “Climate Change”

  1. Climate change can be a metaphor and a reality at the same time. When I look at your photographs of real human people, i wish that in the after math of apartheid that the black American’s that have been condemned with out sponsors new these people of pure innocent soul, but some never had mentors or retribution to survive whole, when I see there innocence there purity of soul, I knew when I was younger even though I was white even though my history was told in the most progress not by white but by black Americans because I lived in rare place white folk were not provided to know, I see young people descended from in a generation who never knew the purity of there history. The black American female in heritage was not just a slave but a woman under most horrific heartaches had a powerful nurturing soul a mother, a woman stronger than ego. So strong she could sooth the suffering in child who was a Caucasian face. In history no race has been able with in humaman history to replace the ones I know who had the purest face.

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  2. Let me tell of a dream I had; I had motor pregnancy, because had a motor pregnancy I was told i was rare, because I am Caucasian and I had dream afterwards, I was twelve black American, poor walking down a country road or skipping past a white boarded church in the darkness of the night contrasting with the white board on the church and in this dream I was a poor white child in Mississippi a place I never been, and I felt so whole and complete. After this period something horrible happened from an assault
    To my humanity to who I was that I can not explain it was a dark cloud that hovered over me, I could not break, and I had another dream in this nightmare stare that was touched by the hand of God, who said this should not be happening to you. And at the time I went on, but it did not comprehend. And then.. Something I learned later, I can not talk about right now, because have to go go to bed.

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  3. Of course it is alright, it is just scary to see tactics used on people in my country that are similar to his control. The one he had on people, that turned them into hateful murderous zombies, I see people all around me unaware that they are turning against them selves and against other people. I see it in our country, in Caucasians, raised in history that wiped away my generation.

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  4. I have question about South Africa an president Mendella- sorry misspell.
    When he joined the international community to spread his message, why was the poverty in Cape Town left abandoned. I only ask because Hillary did the same thing in international communities. I saw a short documentary where he said it was home, but his home includes the poverty that still remains. I guess I am just kind of a dreamer of those close to our home need to be provided equality, 100 percent, before we join the larger picture. It not that he did any thing wrong. I guess I am a dreamer or maybe just like the job complete. Perfection maybe.

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