Post Overberg Fires

The past few weeks a surface with the surface of the Cape Peninsula (Cape Town) went up in flames in the Overberg. It did not get into the national news for the journos/editors in the Mother City seemingly think that South Africa ends at the Hottentots Mountains 50 km East of Cape Town ( 😀 ). News in South Africa is very relative by the way. Good (investigate) journalists who go the extra mile are nowadays a rarity but that’s another story. Anyway I just made a photo-collage of the destructive fires. All property and agricultural crops/livestock saved; thanks to the (local) fire fighters amongst them numerous volunteers; all provided with food and drinks by other local people. In our village a team of 5+ volunteers kept themselves busy buttering bread (etc.) and distributing it to the several spots where the fire fighters were in action. That’s what I call ‘community spirit’. Yes; it’s there in South Africa: people of different walkabouts standing together for a common goal. If only the politicians could follow that example…. 😉


9 thoughts on “Post Overberg Fires”

  1. That’s a good one, the politicians would rather walk on the fire before they collaborate on a common goal!
    Happy to hear that the community where you live is so very supportive, helpful and generous! Under these circumstances is a wonderful thing to know you can count on it. Happy that you guys are all safe! Take care!
    Lovely shot btw!

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  2. Your write about people banning together, it makes you feel good; that is nice! I hope the people will be able to recover the long term effects of the fire. Nice photo! Yea, government is a waste. The all should go!

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