5 thoughts on “Light fusion”

  1. I don’t know what it is but I like it. I’ve been passing around this workaround. Hope It isn’t a duplicate. Love to see your work a bit larger. I was told there is a different theme that opens one image larger.

    How to make a single mage click and open in a new window full size:
    You’ll need to open the post for editing using the old editor in WP Admin. Select Posts and select the post you want to edit. The next step is to click on the image and then on the pencil icon that pops up at the top of the image. In the image details window go to display settings and select full size, and link to – media file. This method can also be used to link to a page in your bog or somewhere else.

    I enjoy your work very much.

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    1. There are indeed themes that open pictures a size larger but I don’t like those themes. My images are ‘full size’ in this theme. Glad you enjoy my work. BTW this picture is a layering of the Milky Way, different concrete (alike) walls and moving coloured lights. It’s the mainframe (background) of a picture (out of a series of 12) I will exhibit towards the end of the year.

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