Sunrise (2 pictures)

Abstract in Black and White

Ode to the gardener

I admire landscaper/gardener Tommy Ngwenya. He is a South African and works hard in creating and maintaining the most beautiful gardens in Stanford, Western Cape, South Africa. He is from the (I hate the expression …) “previously disadvantaged” side of the society (hate it because most South Africans are still disadvantaged for whatever reason). His business …

Landscape from the verandah


What does one get with cross breeding a fish with a porcupine? A porcufish  This one has a human eye and it’s not mine (just to avoid misunderstandings 😉 )

Portrait of a Clay Man

Portrait of a woman with hat

Arum Lily Revisited 2

Arum Lily Revisited 1

Kind of Land Art

(In the dunes near Arniston, Western Cape, South Africa)