It’s misty (3 pictures)

This is about Earth; this week’s photo challenge. I’m not a doom thinker but looking at the contemporary (contradictory) environmental and population developments the future of the Earth hangs in a cloud of mist. Still beautiful though!

mist-napier1 mist-napier4 mist-napier2

  • Maureen Sudlow

    Great shots Herman. I’m not a doom-thinker either, but I have the same worries about the future of the earth. It’s May in New Zealand and still too hot to sleep some nights. I think global warming deniers have a lot of thinking to do… And when I watch the news I wonder what is worse – the fallout from wars or from our abuse of our planet. Sorry, rant over…

    • Herman van Bon Photography

      It’s both Maureen. If people of all walks of life would have real respect for each other and their habitat ….. etc. …. But human nature …

  • Truels

    Nice photos.
    Mist is such a fine weather for photography…..

    • Herman van Bon Photography

      I love it!!! But I do also miss the European forests; especially some forests in France (Bourgogne, for example) where you can shoot the most wonderful, faerie tale like, misty and mystical pictures!


    Misty in love-look me- i missed the misty mourning Memorial Day memories. Reflection in the mirror of the see, mellow tides moaning to rise, and free me from the condensation in my eyes as waves keep on the beat rolling in misty morning eyes.

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