Sunset in the tree

In the meantime at home …

Some work in progress: Refurbishing the double garage into a studio, building a carport and a few verandahs; the biggest one covering our courtyard. All should be ready in a few weeks. After that, if budget sufficient, the old ‘servants barn’ next to the studio will be converted in a guest room with shower and …

Garden of Poets

(Tuin van Digters) at the Breytenbach Gallery in Wellington, South Africa where I just ended my 2 month exhibition.  

Age comes with wrinkles

Early Morning Rainbow

Uncertainty ahead

Below the Misty Mountains

There is this artist …

His name is Jan Vingerhoets and lives in the ‘quaint artist village’ Baardskeerdersbos in the Western Cape. From scrap (car parts, geysers, thrown away furniture, etc,) he creates functional ornaments such as lights, chairs and even a clock. Jan has one purpose in life and that is repurpose. See for yourself.


On the run