Still 7: Old Delft Tobacco Pot (over 200 yrs old)

2 Pictures.

Still 6: This bottle should be 2000 years old …

Still 5: last remains of a porcupine

Still 4: Detail of painting old master

Solar Eclipse

Sunday 26 February 2017:  5:35 PM local time in Napier, Western Cape, South Africa.

Still 3: warthog got lost

Still 2: guinea fowl sculpture

Still 1: We don’t hear …

… we don’t see and we won’t tell a thing.

Laurel & Hardy

A good match.

Le Neuf Papesch; pour ‘Le vrai Connaisseur’

  This is one of those extreme rare occasions I write about wine. I learned to appreciate a good wine many, many years ago in some of the most renown French wine producing regions and then I’m not talking about the known French ‘Chateaux’ but about those small wine farms that mail order their wines …