6 thoughts on “You never know what you get when you cross-breed black and white”

  1. In crossing black white their shade of gray and then all of sudden their the sun and warm in the life where color is life in all the colors of day night, between the north and south and east and west in color seen in multiple shades where no king or queen or any rhetorical noun,when you name it, you kill it. And there both left but nothing

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  2. When we realize that black matter is nothing than the rainbow is so much more. The question is how did ego which nothing become black
    Matter. Maybe nothing is completion with something and vice versa, may something and nothing are like the egg and the children; there a little bit
    Ofchicken in egg and a little egg in the chick. But the hen and rooster bla bla bla
    Were contaminate by something and these animals could not separate the selv s from chicks and they ate the ban out of
    Nothing more than a rich brat playing a game, of Russian rootlet.

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