One thought on ““Blessed are the softies””

  1. Thanks for that post because I have always been bullied for being to soft. In the The USA in the mid eighties dead stone characters took over the mainstream, by corporate brainwashing. This country is cold as ice when it comes to the dead hard stoned people; exploiting the littles, using people for profit and sails, raping childhood, using the beaten down to support ego wars, profiting by the suffering of others on both side of the spectrum, destroying education when it makes progress, blaming the poor for making it impossible, and so much more. These dropping of pollution are killing the world; but not just the USA there is so much more. Through ever position of power from USA religion, politics; from day of Bush who is an evil Texas empire, to the day of child molestation that grew from a material fraud, yes these things are always there, it just today; now during the collaboration, process, where Hollywood, sports, and church for those dream of being more. a man(or woman) who knows other people are wise; a person who knows himself is enlightened. In our country there is something free everyone. The softies. Not just a particular woman or man, or other, but all the softies no matter what labels they assume. I see trump as a symbol of all forms of gov. a
    Week person, but his presence has in a sense demonstrated that our people in all forms of gov. Are like him. he is not a majority member, but between the wealthiest, the gates, Forbes and more, he turned people slaves and object where color in the USA and poor colorless have been victim of the KKK, that includes the Clintons. They have purchased people like Oprah, to serve them.
    Smart people In the USA is the person who is street wise. We actually have many skilled intelligent people who are kept out of the glass door; we have many softies from all cultures in the USA. They are kept of the economy by the glass door. Through my life all I have heard from people in all places government healthcare is that many people spent their life work in setting up the possibility of a good life for the USA and others, only the wrong people are in the wrong jobs, from the gangsters who Are made of stone identifying immortalizing Jeffrey diner.

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