1. Lol the pub was ok but the young guy was drunk and wanted to be impressive too much. Nothing happened: had two Dutch cops in my company πŸ™‚ we visited townships and ate there a wonderful dinner at night. It was a load of new impressions to take in, but a wonderful experience!

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      2. Alcoholism is a problem in especially the wine producing areas. There are still wine cellars who pay (some of) their staff partly in ‘liquid’. In Robertson where we lived for 11 years, for example, social workers and staff of the municipality there told us that 70% of the born and bred Robertsonners are born with a phetal alcohol syndrome and that there is no difference in that percentage between the different colours.
        It also explains the reason why we don’t drink certain wines. I must however emphasize that there are also farmers in that area who are doing a great job in uplifting their staff. If you go for one day on a wine tasting tour just look first to the houses where the farm workers are living. It will tell you a story about relationships and human resource management.

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