And now something completely different …

Usually I only publish photographs (etc.). This is the first (in 5 yrs) exception of the rule. We have a very inspirational neighbour. Alan Raubenheimer is 90+ years and still creating useful things; merely out of scrap. Home trainers are quite expensive for a pensioner and Alan wants to keep himself fit. Hence the Raubenheimer …

It’s strange …

Funny …. On my Instagram (@hermanvanbon) I recently received a comment on this picture of Napier. It’s from a photographer …: “…. Strange … there are only green fields today …. yesterday must have been different …. how do you manage to get the flowers to open just for you …. ?….” My answer: “Just …


The effect of a small domestic fire on its surroundings (2 pictures)



Once upon a time in Arniston

2 pictures: upcoming lady and rock art

Curry anyone?

Sorry I just finished it..

Bed time

Going somewhere very slowly

Chicken reflection