Winter flowers in the garden

(Yes; it’s Winter in South Africa)

Our house bird

We named him ‘Robin’ 😉 (2 pictures)  

There is hope for Cape Town

The water level in Theewaterskloof Dam (the main source for drink water for Cape Town) is still extreme low and Capetonians will have to live with the severe water restrictions for the time being. But slowly the sam in filling up. Snow in the mountains around (like the one in the background) will contribute to …

Last Sunday’s sunset at Franschhoek Pass (2 pictures)


Many people from abroad, and I mean people from mainly the Northern Hemisphere don’t expect that it can snow in South Africa. Well there is even a Ski resort somewhere in the Eastern Cape. More close to where I live is the Franschhoek Pass and that is where I made this picture last Sunday. Really; …

In and around Grande Provence in Franschhoek

At the opening of an extra-ordinary exhibition

Fine Art photographer Kali van der Merwe exhibiting in Grande Provence in Franschhoek. An impression in high contrast Black and White.  

Introducing Whoopy jr.; a fantastic photo-model

(2 pictures)

Looking into the camera is like looking into the sunshine of my life

(2 pictures)

Sunset sheep in Black and White