Looking in the same direction

More Landscape Minimalism 2

More Landscape Minimalism 1


Bread in the making (2 pictures)

In the meantime on the farm

Since we live in Napier (Western Cape, South Africa) I’ve been picturing the surrounding landscapes during the past 17 months. Never lived in a place where I experienced continuously changing sky colors/temperatures on such a fast track; sometimes I’ve only seconds to shoot the right image and often I’m too late … The influence of …

Look who is there and 2 more

Window; outside-inside

Protest march

Last week Wednesday all shops in the village were closed. People of the location (township) had the official permission to start of protest march at 5:30 in the morning. Protest marches is South Africa are not always peaceful (or ‘civilized’ if you like). A week before a house was set alight near Hermanus with a …

Some things are kept out of the daylight

For the love of flowers