Hadeda Ibis

Hadeda Ibis ((Bostrychia hagedash) is a large bird with a habitat in Southern Africa; mainly near streams and rivers. In flight it utters a long and loud ‘haaaa’ or ‘ha-ha, ha-de-dah’; hence the name. (Data derived from ‘Birds of Southern Africa’ by O.P.M. Prozesky).

Photo shot yesterday afternoon with Canon 7D Mark 2 with 100-400mm IS USM lens zoomed to 400mm. ISO 640 S 1/125 A 5.6

Out of South Africa 4: Flower Power in Amsterdam

From the shoebox….

Herman van Bon Photography

Last year we went on a 4-week journey to Europe and Canada. It was for the first time since more than 11 years that we had a holiday ‘out of (South) Africa. We mainly visited family and friends but in between we took time to travel around a bit. With my Sony Cybershot 7.2 I shot a few thousand low resolution pictures (average 100 kB each) so don’t expect much high quality. For this serie of 10 I selected about 30 pics.

Today’s image was shot at a terrace in Amsterdam: a hair clip with hibiscus flowers.


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