“Best Wines” of South Africa

A group of wine ‘connaisseurs’ from Europe has been touring the Western Cape during the past 6 or so weeks. Although they heard of this cellar in Robertson they never visited it. I took them there. It was the last wine tasting experience of their trip and they were ‘flabbergasted’ by this experience. Wines of some rare grape varieties next to a few of the known. Unanimous response: “Best Wines of South Africa”. BTW anno 1798 ‘Fraai Uitzicht’ is one of the oldest original cellars in South Africa. And they do a great wine/food pairing as well! Production is only 25000 bottles per year and you can only buy (also online) from the cellar.

Author: Herman van Bon Photography

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3 thoughts on ““Best Wines” of South Africa”

  1. I try to be local as much as I can. Living in a wine growing region is a boon. But … I miss South African wines; they are available but only cheap exports with funny names, or the well-known brands like Nederburg, or the expensive ones like Kanonkop etc. But I miss the small, lesser known names. I have fond memories of the co-op of Franschhoek, and the vinyards of Hermanus.

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    1. Most of the Nederburg exports (cheaper ones) are bought in from Swartland wineries. Kanonkop is good and so is Creation wines of the Hemel and Arrde Valley near Hermanus. Wine tasting is personal so you don’t have to agree. Fraai Uitzicht Wines are amongst the best wines South Africa has on offer. Another winery in the Robertson Wine Valley which is worthwhile is ‘Arendsig in Bonnievale; it’s more or less around the corner of the Wetshof (the only large wine cellar in Robertson worthwhile to visit). Graham Beck (Franschhoek) has a second cellar in Robertson and if you like a cool and contemporary tasting atmosphere … well go there as well.

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