King of the Jungle (several images)

The average wildlife photographer is always under guidance of a game ranger. I don’t like that. Sometimes one has to take a calculated risk. So I went to observe a lion somewhere in South Africa. It’s rare that I publish fully processed photos on the internet. This is one of my exceptions: My all time …

Flying Sacred Ibis


The @realDonaldTrump in the wind look

Before and after a visit to Herman’s Beauty Saloon

In the meantime in the studio

Full Moon (2 pictures)

Full Moon this evening; in colour and B&W

The Beauty in the dust

(Ode to my wife Yvonne de Wit who designs and create original jewellery from treasures of the South African Earth)   “The moon is bland in colour. I call it shades of grey … And to find orange soil on the moon was a surprise.” Gene Cernan, astronaut, Apollo 10, Apollo 17 When artist Yvonne …

Domestic issue


The Power of The Hour (6 pictures)